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Team Sports

Good Shepherd Episcopal School offers several team sport options for its students. These activities improve students' athletic abilities, while also helping them foster their teamwork skills. 

Some of the team sports that we have had include:


Soccer club is offered for students in grades 4-8. Our objective is to provide a safe place for students to develop and build their basic soccer skills, self-confidence, and strengthen their stamina. The first half of each session is stamina/skill development, and the second half is a scrimmage game. We encourage parents to join and play with the kids during the scrimmage games to help build community spirit. 


Youth basketball is offered for grades 5-8 from November – March. The GSES basketball team competes with other private school teams in the area. 


The Good Shepherd Racing Rams mountain bike team competes against Virginia area school teams. Open to students in Grades 5-8, the sport engenders respect, camaraderie, and physical and mental fitness. Students have positive attitudes and are interested in taking good care of themselves, and because it is such a demanding endurance sport, it leaves little room for unhealthy behaviors. 

Lower school basketball players cheering on team
Mountain biking dad and daughter

“Our daughter has had an amazing experience on the mountain biking team. It’s easy to see how this shy little girl finds the courage to assuredly interact with adults and older children when you consider she is constantly bravely hurling herself down a steep biking trail in front of all her teammates! The experience has also created a means of bringing her caring nature forward. This is evident every time she slows down to cheer on those who lag behind, or when she offers to help push them up the hill—even when they are twice her size.”