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Outdoor Education

The outdoor education program seeks to instill an understanding of and appreciation for the natural world through place-based, outdoor exploration and environmental stewardship. The local Forest Hill neighborhood setting provides an opportunity for students and teachers to work together in a positive and supportive atmosphere while increasing students’ self-confidence, leadership skills, and appreciation for the environment.

Students begin their journey in September by exploring the neighborhood, understanding where our neighborhood is located on a map, and taking walks to the James River, Owl Orchard, Forest Hill Park, and Wayside Spring. Classes focus on outdoor safety, geography, history, ecology, and environmental issues. Students keep a journal for predicting, observing, and reflecting. They also engage in discovery and exploration through hands-on learning, storytelling, and art. The program aims to engage students in age-appropriate, memorable experiences that instill a sense of place, and ultimately a deeper connection to their world.

students having class in the woods

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Reedy Creek Macroinvertebrates Video 3
Reedy Creek Macroinvertebrates Video 1
Reedy Creek Macroinvertebrates Video 2
Boy Testing the Waters of Reedy Creek
Girl looking for Macroinvertebrates in Reedy Creek
Reedy Creek Turtle
Girls testing the waters of Reedy Creek
Classifying a macroinvertebrate
Finding macroinvertebrates in Reedy Creek
Classifying macroinvertebrate tools
Students collecting macroinvertebrates in Reedy Creek
Mr. Will showing students how to look for macroinvertebrates