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Enrichment Classes

a student studying how to make different types of wands
4th graders in technology


Weekly library classes with our staff librarian help foster an interest in reading and research. Our 7,000+ volume collection is a great resource for student projects and recreational enjoyment. Students have the opportunity to check out books every week. Kindergarten-8th grade students learn programming along with essential computer hardware, software and Internet services using the MIT-approved Creative Computing curriculum.

teacher showing student squash


All students learn the phonetics, grammar and vocabulary of the Spanish language. They explore the culture, history and geography of Spanish-speaking countries. Students master simple phrases which they can use in everyday life. Middle school students graduate from 8th grade with high school Spanish credit.

Physical Education

Kindergarten - 8th grade students have 2-3 PE classes per week. Students learn and improve upon different physical skills while learning the rules and gameplay of many sports. We stress the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun no matter the sport! 

students gather around table at chapel


Religion and World Cultures studies are designed for grade 4-8 students. In grades 4-6, students study the Hebrew and Greek Bible stories, values, and history and students in grades 7 and 8 examine the major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Students participate in group activities, spontaneous acting, quizzes, games, guest speakers, songs, symbols, creative praying, videos, research, public speaking, student-led chapels, and field trips, all of which shape the students’ global values.