Good Shepherd Episcopal School Students Welcomed BACH to School

Head of School Ken Seward welcomed students, faculty, staff, parents, and special guests to the 2019-20 school year. “I begin each year saying, ‘I don’t know who Good Shepherd School will be this year.’ Students’, parents’ and teachers’ combined efforts will determine what kind of school we are—respectful of differences, open to diversity that enriches us, careful of our environment, and allies to each other in trying to reach what is possible. Convocation is the time to say ‘Happy New Year’ and to make New Year’s resolutions to be kind, constructive, supportive, and committed to make this the best year ever.”

As part of the opening celebration, students cut the ribbon unveiling the school’s new Little Theater. During summer renovations, a stage was added to Parish Hall where students will be able to perform for peers, family, and friends. Mr. Seward lent a swashbuckling touch to the ribbon cutting by brandishing a sword rather than the typical oversized scissors. “Theater encourages us to be bold and use our imaginations. Scissors are ordinary, while swords are brave,” said Mr. Seward. Students relished the chance to cut through the ordinary and set an exciting course for the new stage and the new school year.

The first performance on the stage welcomed students “Bach” to school. Ayca Kartari from The Greater Richmond School of Music performed a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach on her double bass. Students in Grades 7 and 8 followed with a song about the elements. In closing, the Reverend Dr. Ross McGowan Wright blessed the students and prayed for a successful school year.

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