Fall brings a harvest of new friends

Good Shepherd eighth-grade students hosted preschoolers from Forest Hill Presbyterian Church on a fall outing in Forest Hill Park. The eighth graders told stories about the history of the park based on a book published by Good Shepherd students in 1987 and on An Illustrated History of Forest Hill Park written by Lynne Ann George and published by The Friends of Forest Hill Park. Students discussed the trolley that shuttled park goers to amusement rides and boats that filled the lake on summer weekends.

Also, as part of the lesson, the middle schoolers helped the preschoolers shuck corn and make corn husk dolls. The older students read aloud “The Legend of the Corn Husk Doll” to set the stage for craft time that took place on the bank of the lake in the center of the park. Students enjoyed the beautiful fall day while imagining themselves back in the late 1800s celebrating the bounty of the corn harvest and making period appropriate toys with their new friends.

Partnerships with the community and making best use of our neighborhood surroundings create memories and strong bonds that root our students in their community.


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