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Ken Seward Announces New Leadership Team

Photos of Leadership Team

In response to the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) reaccreditation visit last spring, Head of School Ken Seward created a new leadership team for the 2021-22 school year. According to Mr. Seward, "While I have always prided myself on the fact that we have very little administration and that all faculty and staff are hands-on with students, the VAIS visiting team recommended that we institute a formalized chain of command to delegate some of my roles and responsibilities when I am not available or on campus. With that in mind, I have created a leadership team that will share administrative duties. All of the faces on this team are familiar, and they have been tackling many of these tasks already."

The new structure includes four new titles: Assistant Head of School for Academics, Assistant Head of School for Community Engagement and Administration, Dean of Students, and Dean of Admission.

  • Nancy Negus will be expanding her duties regarding all things academic as the new assistant head for academics. She will continue to serve as an inspirational voice for GSES’s program and new curricular ideas and support faculty in developing meaningful, mission-appropriate, and current curricular content.
  • Lori Jobe will cover the other side of the spectrum as assistant head for community engagement and administration, expanding her duties to cover development, community relations, auxiliary programs, strategic planning, and general administrative duties, in addition to her marketing and communication responsibilities. She will serve to strengthen the school’s external relations while building on our already strong sense of community spirit.
  • Mark Binford will expand his duties to include the role of dean of students. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he will serve as an instructional leader in the planning, coordination, and administration of school activities and programs, including student conduct, attendance, and dress code.
  • Lorie Bartee will continue in her role leading admission efforts for the school. Her title will change to Dean of Admission to reflect the greater role she will play in overall school leadership.

These four individuals, along with Mr. Seward, comprise the school’s leadership team. The team will meet weekly to plan and evaluate school programs and coordinate the administrative details of day-to-day operations. A member of this team will always be available when school is open. While each member of the leadership team has specific responsibilities, their primary responsibility will be to ensure the health and safety of our community.

For biographies of each of the members of the leadership team, please visit our directory page.