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Grandparents and Special Friends Assembly

Student interviewing grandmother
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On March 24, grandparents and special friends joined our virtual assembly to share their memories, stories, and desired superpowers with our students. Director of Outdoor Education Elizabeth Coleman hosted the assembly and introduced Head of School Ken Seward to open the assembly with memories of his own grandparents. Grandmother of James Davidson and teaching assistant Dorryce Rudd presented a special blessing to the community.

Several families shared video interviews with grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Coraline Coombes's grandmother told Coraline that she wanted teleportation as her superpower so that she could visit Coraline for the first time in two years! Henry Cleland's grandfathers shared a story about riding on the train when he was younger. Faculty members also shared memories of their grandparents. Melissa Brook explained how her grandmother encouraged her love of languages. Ellen Landers shared memories of working with her grandfather in the garden. Many other students and faculty members shared videos and stories, so please make sure to watch the videos associated with this story.

In preparation for the assembly, all students created a quilt square designed to show appreciation for their grandparents and special friends. This special quilt is on display outside of the school office, and a video of the quilt is available below.

Thank you to all who participated in this special assembly. We look forward to a time where we are able to welcome all of our grandparents and special friends back to campus!


Welcome, Blessing, and Quilt

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