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What Would You Do If? Younger Students Learn Basic First Aid

Grade 2 practicing outdoor first aid

What would you do if your friend fell off her bike and broke her arm? Accidentally stepped on glass while walking on the beach? Was bitten by a dog? These are all questions our second graders answered this week during a first aid edition of Outdoor Education. Students enacted various scenarios in which a friend or sibling became injured and an adult was not in the immediate vicinity. Younger children may not have been faced with such a situation before, but as they grow older, parents will not always be available right away. Students practiced showing empathy, keeping their injured friend calm, taking notice of important details, and seeking help. They also practiced following simple steps to slow a bleeding nose or cut. While we all hope our children go injury-free this summer, cuts, scrapes, and breaks do happen! The more we practice with our children, the better prepared they are to take basic safety measures to help their friends and themselves when needed.