“We toured loads of schools, both public and private, both city and and county. Each one has their strengths and ALL of them have incredible teachers and administrators. But we found this amazing balance at Good Shepherd where happiness and education seem to be one and the same.” Parent of kindergartener, 2017

“At Good Shepherd learning is fun, engaging and involves creativity. Now my daughters come home from school happy…enjoying their homework a lot more and they like going to school. I love that their teachers and instructional support staff give my younger daughter supplemental work that challenges her as an accelerated student and my older daughter gets the extra support she needs to feel confident and do well.” Parent of a 2nd grader and a 4th grader, 2017

“Children feel safe and secure at Good Shepherd. They feel LOVE. From the receptionist to the janitor, you feel the love from day one. We love and value what GSES represents: great education, a loving environment, at an affordable cost.”
Parent of a 4th grader

“(Our daughter) … has developed such a BIG appreciation for her community and the environment because of the holistic education at this school. They teach math lessons at the park, science lessons at the river, and lessons of being a good citizens throughout the community. They let a CHILD be a CHILD and focus less on testing and more on confidence, cooperation and compassion. It is a place of peace, imagination and zero bullying/cliques/status competitions. They pair up students in upper grades with younger ones to foster a community of helping, teaching and guiding.” Parent of a Kindergartener, 2017

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