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Every student is exposed to the arts, in various forms, throughout the school year. Our arts classes rotate each trimester, so students are able to learn new skills and try new ideas in a variety of settings.

boy painting in art room

Studio Art

is a visual class where students can experiment with different forms of creativity. Students manipulate different materials and media to broaden their ideas about what art can be. In addition to creating works of art, students learn how to speak critically and constructively about their own art and others'. Students are introduced to famous works of art and artists from different cultures and historical periods. They examine different methods and techniques used by the great artists and are encouraged to develop their own unique artistic style.

Students performing on stage in costume

Performing Arts

uses acting, storytelling, music, and play production as a platform for learning. This class focuses on public speaking, presentation awareness, collaborative learning, and self-confidence. Since communication and collaboration are essential to learning, our performing arts program prepares students to lead confidently and work together in a group effectively.

Student working on lego robotic project in makerspace


incorporates a mix of digital, craft, and technology materials to create a multi-modal way for children to learn and create. This STEAM-based class allows children to experiment, invent, tinker, build, explore, and discover. This hands-on, problem-solving laboratory and workshop invites students to learn in new and different ways, preparing them for higher education and the jobs of the future.