Parents Talk About Good Shepherd

  • Testimonial
    K.M., Gses Student Parent

    My normally apathetic 12- and 13-year-old girls were dying to get to school today!  They wanted to be early so they could do some more work on their current art projects.  They love the class and their art instructor, Mrs. Gagermeier!

  • Testimonial
    SH, Gses Student Parent

    My kids loved their Good Shepherd camp experience this summer with Chef Sue. They learned how to cook various meals and appetizers and baked all sorts of delicious cookies. They were so happy to share their creations and new recipes with me each day and since the camp, they help prepare meals and work together to create meals of their own. The experience was so much fun and it's clear that they now feel confident and empowered in the kitchen!

  • Testimonial
    A. Gray, Gses Student Parent

    My son came home really excited about his technology class today. He was trying to tell us all he learned, and said he saw the inside of a computer and how it works.   He's really enjoying his class, thank you !