About us

Good Shepherd Episcopal School (GSES) is to challenge each child to achieve academic excellence within a nurturing, Christian environment that builds character and respect for all God’s creation.

About Good Shepherd Episcopal School

It’s our responsibility and mission to meet each child where they are in their educational development and create a path to ensure advancement academically and individually.  Therefore, our curriculum is designed with flexibility to be adaptive to the needs of each child.

Starting with individual assessments, teachers develop customized learning plans for each student, incorporating student strengths and parent input.  Progress is regularly assessed and learning plans are updated to make certain that each student gains the academic and social skills to successfully advance. The educational model is specifically designed to continue to challenge and inspire each child to reach for the next level of academic achievement.

Good Shepherd fosters an environment that promotes student cooperation and connectedness (rather than competition) through cross-educational discipline.  We’ve found this supportive environment to be a key element in success, both academically and socially.

Small classes, a top-notch faculty and our cross-educational environment allow GSES to deliver on our promise to families: Personalized Journeys in Learning.